Pharmaceutical Raw Materials,Plant Extracts,Peptides Manufacturer & Supplier: Suzhou Pharmaceutical Technology Co.,Ltd


As a leading global chemistry outsourcing partner to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, we recognize the important role we have within our clients supply chain. That’s why a commitment to quality is at the center of our company culture and a stated company value.

The Quality Assurance (QA) team at every stage of the development and manufacturing process meets customer and regulatory expectations. Whether the product is going into the domestic or international market, We will ensure that all compliance and quality standards are met. This is achieved through our focus on quality and materials management, documentation and records, laboratory controls, and comprehensive SOPs.

Our Quality Assurance teams work closely with clients to:

* Ensure customer and regulatory standards are maintained throughout all stages of manufacturing. 

* Manage and mitigate any GMP issues that arise during the manufacturing process. 

* Support the process flow through all phases of drug development, validation and commercialization efforts. 

* Develop a robust supply chain – raw material supply and external audits.